Big Week

Max is the "big 4-months" today.  His favorite activities are grabbing his feet, gnawing on his thumb, drooling and giving us the stink eye.  We're so proud.

We finalize Max's adoption tomorrow.   October 28 will forever be known as Max Day.  I get overwhelmed when I think about how God has orchestrated our "starting a family" journey.

We celebrate what God has done with a big shin-dig.  


Mr. Jimmy Legs

Jimmy legs [jim-ee legz] - 1. The inability to sit still.  2. The feeling of wanting to crawl out of your skin when being confined to a certain area for an extended period of time.  

Max has come down with a bad case of Jimmy legs.  

Caution for video viewers:  I'm sure the only people who would love watching this entire video are Max's parents, grandparents, uncles and aunt.  To avoid extreme boredom, you can get the gist of this video by going to 1:20 and 2:30.  


The Perfect Picture

I'm not sure if we will ever get a good picture...

I gave Max a book...because that will make him stop crying.

I love Quinn's concerned look.

Now everyone's concerned...or annoyed.

Pat, pat, pat - "It's ok, buddy."

Just close your eye's, those crazy ladies with the camera will be done soon.

It may be a while before we ever get the perfect picture, but it sure is fun trying...for us anyway.

Max's Box

Max's birthmom gave us this outfit.

I have been waiting for the day that he would be able to wear it.  There is also a bib that goes with it that he managed to spit up all over (thus serving it's purpose) before I was able to get a picture.

In one of our recent phone conversations, Max's birthmom asked if I would save this outfit and any future gifts for him in a box.  "So that he knows I think about him a lot and love him."  Um...that's the least I can do. That was such a sweet request and as sentimental as I am, I probably wouldn't have thought of it. I don't know what this box will hold, but I do know that even if it only has this cute, camoflauge outfit, it will be filled with love.


A Brand New Holliday

We're celebrating a new Holliday!  My nephew, Kobe Gerald Holliday, was born Friday, October 8 at 8:24 am.  He weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz. and was 1 foot 8 in. tall. :)  We traveled up to Grand Rapids on Sunday to meet our newest family member.  

Holding Kobe for the first time

My amazing sister, Betsy, and her new little addition.

Kobe is the lucky little brother to this little miracle....

Keeton a.k.a Keeter Beeter
Keeton came home with Grandma and Grandpa Myers while Betsy, Gerald and Kobe were still at the hospital.  I loved hanging out with him.  I loved watching him devour any toy he could grab.  I loved seeing him walk (for any of my family members on my mom's side...picture Grandpa Amstutz walking) :)

Grandpa Myers inherited the fun grandpa
gene from my Grandpa Myers

Grandma Myers loving on the boys

Big boy Keeton wearing Grandpa Myers' shoes

cousins and buddies - they just don't know it yet.



I found this in our church's nursery newsletter...

"Have you ever thought about the fact that God chose you to be the parent of your child?  He knew exactly what your child needed in a parent, and He chose you.  He knows your strengths, your weaknesses, and your amazing capacity to love.  And, He gave you this baby.  But, He didn't give you this baby and walk away.  He is there - every minute of every day - guiding you through this parenting journey.  He has a story of love and redemption to tell your child through you.  He wants your precious baby to know that their Heavenly Father is there to help them, just like He's there to help you - every step of the way."

So, when Max goes from content and satisfied...

to a little unsure...

to frustrated...

to down-right annoyed in a matter of seconds.  God knows I can handle it. 

Good ol' HC...I mean HU

Huntington's homecoming was this weekend.  Most of the people I got to talk with were people that I can see all of the time.  It was still fun to visit the campus.  It has changed so much since I was student, yet it still feels so familiar.  I love HU.  (I secretly still like to refer to it as HC)

It's been 8 years.  Eight years since I have graduated from college.  

I'm old.  This was solidified when my friend Rachel's cousin, who is a sophomore at HU, asked us, "Where are the other old people?"  OTHER old people - as in we are old.  In honor of how old I felt, here are some black and white pictures I took while there.

My brick I look for every year.
It's always in the same place, yet I can never find it.

Wes with Norm the Forester
Max enjoying the campus tour
Rachel's little girl - Emme


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