Just so I don't forget...

Your go-to books right now are Put Me in the Zoo and God's Wisdom for Little Boys.
Your job for mealtime is getting out the silverware and "setting the table."

Last week, while eating dinner, you said, "This is really good, Mom.  Thanks."
You sleep with your basketballs.

You love to play hoops up in your room...especially when daddy plays defense.
Your little potty has been retired.
One of your favorite things to do is jump on the bed...and I let you do it.

The other day, Sam was crying and I asked you to tell him something that would make him happy.  You thought for a moment and said, "God loves you, Sammy."  Melt my heart.
You love to climb into Sam's crib and snuggle with him in the morning.
When you don't want to stop doing something you say, "Two more times." or "Two more minutes."

You get "hurt" a lot which means you need a lot of bandaids.
Whenever it is snowing, you want to get your boots on and go outside and play.
You want to put pajama's on for nap time.  Who wants to sleep in jeans anyway?

I love you, buddy.  You're my favorite two year old.


Sam {4 months}

Hey, little buddy.  
You are 4 months today.  
We have loved you for every second of those 4 months.
You still love to eat. {7-8 oz. every 4 hours during the day.}
You smile often...just not when I put a big black thing in your face.
You have this reserved laugh that sometimes makes me think you're laughing at me, not with me.
You are sleeping through the night and napping like a champ.  Sometimes, you get a little confused about your afternoon nap and try to wake up after an hour.  I give you a little pep talk and you eventually fall back to sleep.
You love to snuggle.
You still would rather not be on your stomach.
We think that you are going to roll over from your back to your stomach soon.
We also think that you will have notes on your report card for excessive talking.  You like to jabber.
You are wearing 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers.
Max can make you smile and it melts my heart the way you watch his every move.
He also calls you Sammy Rodney.
You're still snorting like crazy which makes it easy for us to check on you.  We don't even have to open the door to your room...although...I still do because I love to watch you sleep.

Sam, we are so thankful that God had it in His plan to have you be part of our family!
We Love you!

Apparently, Max wasn't feeling the pj's...
Off they go.






10 on 10 {kind of}

It's January 11, not January 10.
I have 14 pictures, not 10.
I took pictures for 12 consecutive hours, not 10.
Close enough...

Breakfast with my oldest boy.
He got to pick out his own cereal at the grocery store.
The obvious choice was "the cookie monster cereal".

Get Sam.
Feed Sam while watching Mickey.

Preparing to leave the house to run a few errands.  
My patience is tested often during "getting-ready-to leave-the-house-moments". 

Sam's Club.
Max wasn't feeling it on our errand run.

11:00 - 5:00.
Cake shop.

This girl has been a blast to work with.
Sad that she's leaving our cake shop, but excited for her new opportunities!

Getting ready for family date night. 

Shigs & Pits.
Think about that name for a bit.
Adding this restaurant to our list of favorites.

ten on ten button



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