Don't Tell Me...

Doctor: So is Max saying anything like dada, baba, mama?

Max: staring holes in the doctor.

Me:  He says dada and baba, but he's never said mama.

Max: staring holes in the doctor.

Doctor:  That's usually how it is...

Max:  mama.

That made my day and made the doctor laugh.  Nice work, Max.

Max weighs 21 lbs. 2 oz and is 2 ft. 5 in. tall.


Sunday Snapshot{s} - the basket

Solution for a cranky baby...change of scenery.

Ni Hao Yall


Project Simplify - Week 3

I am over halfway through Project Simplify.  These projects have been border-line life changing for me.  Not quite up there with marriage or becoming a mom, but I think I've come to a turning point.  Don't get me wrong...I will probably always have "issues" with being organized, but this has been wonderful training for what it looks and feels like to keep our home simple.  

This week's hotspot - children's clothes and toys.  Thankfully, we have only had to deal with this for the past 9 months, so it wasn't too overwhelming and I have a 6 month old nephew...who is super adorable...that I've been passing clothes on to...that were giving to us from my other super adorable nephew.    

My system.  Sticky notes labeled w/ size - brilliant huh?

It is not possible for me to organize anything without it looking like a complete cyclone first. 

Max helped with the toys. 

                   Before                          After    

The toys we keep in our living room.

Empty boxes Wes made for future toys.  

            Before                                 After  

  Before                                  After





Looking forward to Hotspot #4...


Where's the Love? Wednesday {3.23.11}

This is where my love is today.

Max's fast-as-lightening leg slamming he does when he's trying to go to sleep.

This expression.  It never gets old.

Max having fun with his daddy.

The anticipation of warm weather, taking Max on walks in his wagon and no coats.

Spending time with Max's birthmom (more on that later).

The Adventure Project raising over $10,000 in one day to help people in Northern India have clean water.


Where is your love today?  Tell me...and others... what you're lovin' right now.  If you 
have a blog, add a link to your love blog post below.  

It can be fun, lighthearted, deep and meaningful or a little of both.  It can be one thing or many things  If you don't have a blog, share what you're lovin' as a comment below.


Tuesday's Treasure - It's a challenge and I need 10 of you!

Today is World Water Day. 

One third of all handpumps installed in the last twenty years in developing countries are now broken. 

And 4,000 children die every day because of lack of clean drinking water. 

Instead of drilling more wells, The Adventure Project is using charitable gifts for something revolutionary  – to train and employ handpump mechanics. The mechanics earn an income, bringing themselves out of poverty, and they save lives – turning water back on for thousands of people each year.

 Adventure Project is challenging 100 bloggers to spread the word about this really awesome goal to raise $10,000 dollars TODAY.  

I would love to have at least 10 of my readers donate $20 (tax deductible) - enough to turn water back on for three people in India.

Something else really awesome:  The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) will match each donation! The Prem Rawat Foundation focuses on helping people with the fundamental needs of foodwater, and peace

To donate...I know you want to...click here.  

The Adventure Project - World Water Day 2011 from The Adventure Project on Vimeo.


Project Simplify - Week 2

I think Tsh from Simple Mom is reading my mind...or has a spy camera inside our house. She's 2 for 2 in the areas that need the most lovin' in our home.

Hot Spot #2 - paper clutter.

And now for the piles...

The desk.

All the piles in one place.  I found a home for everything - most of it went into the recycling bin. 

The filing cabinet.  I rarely venture into the cabinet.  I like to think of it as Wes' domain, but decided to take a peak at what's inside.  

Got rid of receipts, college class schedules, basketball programs and a bunch of other stuff I'm not really sure why we kept in the first place.

Organized the desk. 

I was going to post all of my after pictures, but then I just figured you could imagine all of the before pictures with no piles.  I wasn't as thorough with this hot spot as I was with Hot Spot - Week 1, but feel great about the progress I made.  


Sunday Snapshot {feet}...a day early.

When I met my friend Abbie, not this Abby, she told me that I spelled my name wrong.  So for the past 12 years, she has called me "y" and I call her "ie".  Aren't we just so clever?  

Not long after we brought Max home, I was looking at his sweet little feet.  I was noticing all of his wrinkles and marveling at how awesome God is for creating such a miracle.  Then I noticed this.

Do you see it?  

Not really?  

Let me show you.  

Those are "y's" and I love them.  

Max won't have my hair, or my eyes or any other part of my DNA (I'm not trying to make this a sob story), but he has my nickname stamped on the bottom of his feet.  I see those "y's" as a gift from God reminding me that Max was ours before he was created. 

Ni Hao Yall


Where's the Love? Wednesday {3.16.11}

What Max is loving right now.

Anything that he shouldn't have - remotes, keys, cell phones, computers.  I'm telling you, he has eagle eyes.  He spots them a mile away.  He gets this silly grin on his face, leans forward as far as he can, and locks eyes.  He hasn't figured out crawling yet, so after the locking eyes part - it's all downhill from there.  

What I'm loving.

Max's wrists.

Max's toes - they look long like his mama's. :)

Max's smiles.  It used to be that you had to work pretty hard to get a smile out of the boy.  I think he figured out that it's not as hard as he once thought...and he gets some pretty good reactions from the people receiving the smile.  

Here is Max's excited smile.  He gets all tense, makes this grunting sound and gives whoever or whatever he's excited about a big grin.

Please excuse Max's socks that do not
match his clothes.  Laundry was being
done and his feet were cold.

Finally getting rid of the bare walls in Max's room.

Where is your love today?  Tell me...and others... what you love right now.  If you have a blog, add a link to your blog post below.  It can be fun, lighthearted, deep and meaningful or a little of both.  It can be one thing or many things  If you don't have a blog, share what you're loving as a comment below.



Picture Post - Hair

Max and Emme - Don't their names sound so cute together?
Emme:  I love your hair!  Where did you get it?  I wish I had hair like that...


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