Left to Right...Top to Bottom {July}

I decided to give Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge a try.  We'll see if I do it again for August.  It's kind of a lot of pressure...but I did get some fun pictures that I probably wouldn't have taken otherwise. 

Warning: A few of the pictures are slightly abstract and won't make a lot of sense without looking at my captions on instagram.  I promise, I'm not going crazy.

1. self portrait
2. busy
3. best part of your day
4. fun
5. on the floor
6. chair
7. garden
8. lunch
9. big

10. your favorite color
11. letter
12. texture
13. open & 16. sign
14. building
15. finger
17. your addiction
18. plate - oops...missed this one.
19. animal

20. eyes
21. 9 o'clock
22. upside down
23. mirror
24. a stranger
25. heart
26. sunshine
27. on the road
28. cup
29. last thing you bought
30. calm
31. toothbrush

Want to try August's photo a day challenge?  Here's the list...  If you decide to do the challenge and will be using instagram, let me know what your username is in the comment section below.  I would love to see what you come up with!


10-4 Good Buddy questions will be posted tomorrow.  You can link up your answers on the 4th.  Can't wait!



Let the Games Begin

Is anyone else counting down the hours to the Opening Ceremonies?
Oh, how I love the Olympics.
I love seeing the outfit choices by each country.
I love all of the events.
And I love the stories.  Thanks Bob Costas.  

So, in case you aren't quite as excited as I am...here is a little Olympic inspiration. 

Go Team USA!


You Say...

Today, I'm thankful for this blog and all of the memories it holds...

John Maxwell,

{Did you know that was our kid's name?  It is.  He's a fourth generation John.  Wes is actually a John Wesley.  It just had to be done and we love it.}

We are loving the little phrases you are coming up with these days...

"Hold you , mommy" when you want me to hold you.

" Bummer dang it" at completely appropriate times.  {When your block tower falls over, when you spill your milk, etc}  I say bummer, Wes says dang it...we think.  It's amazing the things you don't even realize you say until you have a little one walking around repeating what he hears...  Not appropriate for our 2 year old boy to say even though it does make us giggle.

"Jesus.  Amen" for your prayers.

"Hi, mommy" when I'm in bed with you before nap time.

"Max do it" when you don't want us to help you.

"No" way too often.

"Mommy, are you?" which means, "Mommy, where are you?"

"Band-on, Mommy" when you get hurt and want a band-aid.

Keep the phrases coming, buddy!  Can't wait to hear what you come up with next...

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut



Where's the Love? Wednesday {7.25.2012}

What I'm loving this week...

So....I never posted any pictures from Max's birthday {that was almost a month ago}.  To document that we did indeed have a party for him...here you go...

Playing with cousin, Kobe.

 Opening presents

Eating cake.  Yep...that would be Psalty.

I think the boys liked the cake.

Playing with presents.

Fireworks with friends.  Wes and I were a little nervous about the late night, but Max did great!  When the fireworks ended, he kept saying, "again".

Max playing "dress-up" with Wes' biking gear.

I hope you take time to find the lovely in your life today.



Link Love

I haven't done a link love post since February...but there's just too much loveliness that I have to share.

For the love of friendship - My friend bought me flowers and "the Dew" to cheer me up...even after my son helped do this to her house.  It makes me hyperventilate just looking at the pictures.

For the love of cabbage - I get veggies delivered to my door every Wednesday.  It's been a fun adventure trying to find recipes and use veggies that I normally wouldn't buy...like cabbage.  This Asian slaw is amazing.  You really need to try it.  Don't worry if you don't have sesame oil or Sriracha sauce...I didn't have them either and the slaw still tasted delicious.

For the love of gifts - This would be such a meaningful gift for someone you would like to encourage to keep God's Word close to their heart.

For the love of Aurora, Colorado - You may have read this, but just in case you haven't...

For the love of photos - Want a fun and easy way to display some pictures?  Here you go.

For the love of photo apps - iDarkroom is my new favorite.

For the love of adoption - Carina, Ashley and Jillian are one step closer in their adoption journey.  I can't wait to see how God moves!

Click away and have a lovely day!



My Portion

Things have been a little rocky on the adoption front the past couple of days...basically, the adoption is up in the air.  

This isn't the place to go into all of the details, but would you please continue to pray for the birth mom and birth father?  

You can pray for us too while you're at it.  

I've been an emotional mess...although today has been much better.  Adoption can do that to you.  I think I cried four times before we had finished eating breakfast yesterday morning.  

Despite all of the unknowns, I know that God is working...

I'm reading through the Bible and I have fallen behind a couple of days.  God knew that would happen and He knew I needed to read this yesterday.

He is ALL I need.  

Regardless of the outcome, I can wait for Him because He is trustworthy, faithful and his loving kindness will never, never fail me.  

His Word also keeps telling me that His purposes are for my good.  

I'm so thankful that Abby encouraged me to do this reading plan with her because it has been just what I have needed to keep my focus on The One who has EVERYTHING under control.  

She's a good friend like that.

Linking up with Carina.  She's got some giveaways coming up.  You should definitely head on over to check it out!



Yet Another Adoption Update {But Still Thankful}

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We got a call from our adoption lawyer.
At this point in the game...usually not a great sign.

I missed the call with the lawyer {because I'm horrible with my phone}, but got back with him as soon as I noticed he had called.

The birth father was served papers to terminate his rights and he has decided to take action...meaning he doesn't want the adoption to happen.  

To be honest, I don't know exactly what that means...our lawyer explained it to me the best he could, but every situation is so different that he doesn't know all of the details either.

I don't know if this article is legit, but it made things a little more clear to me...I think.

So, again, we will wait.  

We will continue to be matched with this birthmom and give her support until our lawyer tells us otherwise.

Please, please, please pray for the birthmom.  She had no idea that the birthfather would show any interest. Her plan since she found out she was pregnant was adoption.  Now that plan may change and she will be raising this precious baby.  

God knows the plan for this baby and I will trust in His plan...regardless of the outcome.

I'm thankful that this is happening now instead of after the baby has been born.

I'm thankful for the adoption process and how it forces me to cling to God and His sovereignty.

I'm thankful for my husband who is the best person I could pick to walk this adoption journey with.

And I'm thankful for that sweet little boy in all of these pictures who has made me one happy mama.

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut



Potty Training

I said I was going to start potty training Max last Monday.  
We haven't really started yet.  

I know he is probably too young, but he has seemed so interested I thought I would give it a shot.
And with a baby hopefully coming in September, I thought it would be a good time to try.

We tried for 2 hours after nap time with no success.  I know that it won't happen that quickly.  I just wasn't up for it.

Maybe next week.

I would love for you to share your potty training tips with me...the good, the bad and the ugly.

I have enjoyed reading all of the 10-4 Good Buddy posts.  You have until tomorrow night to get your questions answered.  


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