Adoption Interview Project 2013

Hi, everyone!  It's me...Abby!

My blogging has been few and far between these days, so I decided to participate in the Adoption Blogger Interview Project, like I did last year, in hopes that it would get me back into the swing of blogging again.

That was a long sentence...

I was excited to see who I would be randomly matched with and guess what?!?!

I got matched with my sweet friend, Suzanne whom I've never met in person, but we both work on an adoption blog for The Sparrow Fund.  {If you have a heart for adoption, The Sparrow Fund blog is a great place to go for encouragement!}


It was fun getting to know Suzanne a little more through this interview.


You have very openly talked about infertility on your blog.  I would love to here about the moment(s) in your life that God began putting adoption as a way to build your family on your heart.  

After struggling with infertility for many years, God began to reveal to me that He had a different plan for our family. Adam wanted to explore all options for a biological child but suggested I start doing a little adoption research. I am researcher so I went adoption research crazy! I bought books, read blogs, looked at adoption agency websites, etc., but Adam still wasn’t ready. Then, I had a disastrous IUI treatment that was coupled with a horrible autoimmune episode that landed me in the hospital in need of four pints of blood. So for the next year, all thoughts of children were put on hold in order to focus on and uncover my health issues. Almost exactly a year after my hospitalization, we were at dinner on our 9th wedding anniversary, when Adam looked at me and said, "let's adopt a baby!"

Why did you choose to adopt from China? 

Truthfully, my heart has always been in China, even as a young child, but we looked at all options, domestic, foster and all countries open to international countries. I am researcher after all.  Even after all the research, we both knew our heart was in China. China is God’s calling for us.

Waiting is hard.  Is there a piece of scripture that God used to encourage you and help you during your waiting periods for both of your children?

Yes! The waiting is so hard, but God is so faithful!! Here is my favorite go to verse on those days when the wait seems unbearable and the very thought of another moment without your child sends you into tears.

“When you pass through the waters,
    I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
    they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
    you will not be burned;
    the flames will not set you ablaze.
For I am the Lord your God,
    the Holy One of Israel, your Savior; . . . “ (Is. 43:2-3a)

Do you know anything about either of your children's birth families?

Sadly, with Chinese adoption, we never know any information because in order for a child to be eligible for adoption in China, they have to be abandoned so there is no information provided. Chinese officials put out what they call a finding ad when the baby or child is first found, but these are not successful and thus the child is sent to an orphanage. The one rather unique thing about my son is that his parents left his birth date and name with him which is not typical.

Your son, Anthony (9 years old), joined your family after your daughter, Grace (4 years old).  Were you planning on adopting an older child the second time around?  What would you say to anyone who says that adopting out of birth order is a no-no?

We were not planning to adopt out of birth order. In fact, it was probably the furthest thing from our minds until God stepped in.  I believe that God’s plan is so much greater than ours, and it is His plan I want to follow, not the world's. Therefore, to the nay sayers, I would say, it depends on God and His plan for your family. You must listen to Him and seek Him above all else. Of course, we also talked at length with our social worker, adoption case worker, family and friends specifically about it and all were in agreement with us that in this case, it would work, especially since God is on our side. Would it always be easy and perfect? Of course not. Does God only ask us to take the easy path? He asks us to step out in faith and follow Him, no matter the cost.

How have you seen your children grow as they have adjusted to being part of your family?

With each passing month, we see all our attachments to each other grow, but we have also seen their personality blossom in an environment of love. The more they trust us, the more they open up and relax. It has been so wonderful to see them connect as brother and sister as well. Anthony stepped right into the role of older brother as if he had been one his whole life, and Grace is the perfect little sister. The most rewarding thing, though, is to see their love for Christ grow as their understanding of Him and His sacrifice for them is unveiled before them. It is truly a beautiful thing.

Thank you, Suzanne, for sharing your heart!  I hope we get to meet someday!

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Adoption Blogger Interview Project 2013


10 on 10 {October}

7 o'clock
Bible reading.
I'm loving this study of Matthew.

8 o'clock
Baby holding.
I later found out this wasn't just a "I'm still tired face" but a "I have a fever face".

9 o'clock
Restaurant playing.

10 o'clock
Chore doing.

11 o'clock
Pumpkin buying.

12 o'clock
Lunch eating.
I love days when we get to meet Wes for lunch.  I also love McAlister's tea.

1 o'clock
Book reading.

2 o'clock
Phone call making and family picture deciding.

3 o'clock
Crescent roll making.

 4 o'clock
After nap greeting.

ten on ten button


Sam {1 year}

At 1 year you...
say dada, mama, dat {we don't know what this means...possibly just a sound to make yourself known} and ball, clap like a pro, pull yourself up to standing position, have four teeth, love pushing around cars,  climb up the stairs, follow your mama all around the house, jabber up a storm with lots of expression, still have a bald spot on the back of your head, sign the word more {anything to get more food} and let anyone hold you.

We think that you...
are going to force us to increase our grocery budget {you love to eat}, will never be a vegetarian, will be everyone's friend and will give Max a run for his money when you're old enough to hold your own.

We call you....
Sam, Sammy, Samuel, Baby, Sam the Man, Koala Bear, Sam-sam and Sammy-boy

We hope you...
learn to walk soon because you're really heavy, always stay happy, don't have anymore trips to the ER, stop dropping your cup, survive Max's wrestling matches and continue to snuggle.


We love you so much, Sammy!  Happy Birthday!


In Other News

One of my favorite games to play with Max these days is "Go-up-to-your-room-and-put-some-clothes-on".  
He would be an underwear-only-all-day-every-day kind of kid if we let him. 
Rain or shine.
Inside or outside.
But we don't.
If he ever gets married, his future wife will thank us.

Back to the game...
You never know what he's going to come downstairs wearing.
This outfit is actually pretty normal...
And weather appropriate.


Usually, he'll come down in something like corduroys and a long sleeve way-to-small-for-him pajama shirt.
And I say, "Buddy, it's 85 degrees outside."
And he says, "It's ok" and runs off to play outside.

Great conversation, little man.

In other news, Max's new nickname should be "Pockets."
I just decided this.
One time, he managed to fit 5 ping pong balls {also known as soft golf balls} in his pockets.
If it's small enough to fit in a pocket, it must go in the pocket.
If his pants or shorts don't have pockets, he's not interested in wearing them.

In more other news, God is using this strong-willed/passionate three year old boy to reveal some pretty yucky pride issues in my heart.  
Maybe I'll fill you in on that one later.
Maybe I won't. 
No pinky-blog promises coming from me.

In even more other news, I'm so, so happy to be his mama.



The Girl Behind the Blog {Encouragement}

 Over a year ago, I did my first girl behind the blog post.
And...I haven't done one since.
So, here I am again.
It's naptime and maybe I should be doing something productive like mopping my {really dirty} floors or folding some {really wrinkly} laundry, but here I am posting another video.  
Last time I blamed it on Carina.  
This time its Kerrie's fault.

Ashley and Nadine wanted us to talk about encouragement...



Sammy wanted to weigh-in on the topic of encouragement...



We Went to the Fair

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I learned something new at our county fair.
Max is a horrible driver.
Here he is being "instructed" by some poor souls who were stuck monitoring the motorized kiddie jeeps.
There was a round track, but all Max wanted to do was barrel through the bales of hay.
{By the way, I can't ever say that.  I want to say hales of bay, bales of hale, etc}


Look at their faces...pure delight and mischief.
I'm in trouble.

Thankfully, Quinn took over driving and it was a much smoother ride.

Then there are these two.
I just love them together. Their birthdays are only a couple of weeks apart and they are pretty similar in their personalities.
 Oh, Emme and Max.

Even their names sound cute together.

Wes had a meeting that evening, so I decided to head back to the fair that night with the boys.

We got to see 5 hot air balloons take off. 


And dressed up little people and dressed up little horses.

And we had free ice cream and a $5 funnel cake.

Next year, Sam, I promise I will document that you went too.



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