Where's the love? Wednesday {8.31.2011}

What I'm loving this week...

Max's overalls.
Unfortunately, I decided to do this photo shoot 30 minutes before naptime.

Max's 2nd haircut.  Clippers were used this time.  I think that he liked the way the clippers felt because he kept getting a little smirk on his face.  However, he was a little more wiggly than the last time, but we made it through.

Here are some before pictures.  {Max has really been sucking his thumb lately.  I blame it on teething...I think I blame everything on teething.}

His pajamas sometimes consist of the shirt he was wearing that day with some random shorts.  Don't judge.

Here is our boy after.



Sunday Snapshot {friends}

The college foursome. 

 I love these girls.  We have known each other since our Freshman year of college.  We were together so often that when we weren't all together someone would always say, "Where are the other girls?"

We got to be a foursome again this weekend.  Even though 3 of us live in the same town, we don't get to be a complete set very often.

Our time together consisted of talking, laughing, telling stories, watching meaningless TV, laughing some more, eating, a movie {The Help - a must see} and Starbucks.

Another friend joined us too and she fits right in.

Girls, thanks for sticking with me for 13 years.  I'm so blessed to have you in my life.

Sunday Snapshot


Cheaper than Coffee

I want to preface this post by saying that God has given each of us passions.  Things that tug at our heart.  One of my passions is children - especially children in need.  You may not have the same passions as I do.  So, when I write posts encouraging you to donate, I'm not expecting you all to give.  Whatever your passions are, I want to encourage you to invest your time, talent and money into those areas as God calls you to do.


Children in Africa are dying because they don't have medicine that costs less than a cup of coffee.  They need medicines that we take for granted.

Mothers in Africa are dying in childbirth {170,000 last year}because they don't have the medicine and resources necessary to deliver safely.

I found a way to help.

Please, watch this video and read my letter or donate by clicking here.  

 lives and improved their health. from Living Goods on Vimeo.

If you decide to help with this cause, leave a comment on this post.  Five donors will be randomly chosen to win their choice of necklace, earrings or a bracelet from The Sparrow Fund.  Can you tell that I really want to support The Sparrow Fund?  You have until 11:59pm on Wednesday, September 7 to be entered.

Update: There is no minimum donation - whatever you are led to give is the perfect amount!

Some of my favorites...




One month until we get to See Wes Run for team World Vision.  There is still time to sponsor a child!



Where's the Love? Wednesday {8.24.2011}

What I'm loving this week...

Morning snacks and Sesame Street.

My boy with his 75 cent Elmo {man, I love garage sales}, crossed feet and laying still.

My $2.99 Aldi flowers.

Next to the kitchen sink may seem like an odd place to you, but because I spend a good amount of my day at this sink, it's where I can enjoy them the most.

Linking up to Life Made Lovely.


Giveaway Prizes - Part 2

Time for some more of my prizes I won from the Scottyboy and Katygirl giveaway.

Check out Parkside Harmony's adorable sketchbooks/journals

The journal is still blank.  I'm trying to think of how to use it.

Dish and earrings from Vintage Ruby

You may recognize this lovely yellow dish from one of my previous posts.  Well...there was an incident with the dish on a placemat and a curious, little boy that decided to pull the placemat off the table.  The result - a chipped edge and a sad mommy.  However, every problem has a solution, right?  I decided to glue the white flower earrings that I also won {which ended up being bigger than I expected} to hide the unfortunate mishap.  I think it will be used to hold my jewelry.

jessicaNdesigns specializes in hand stamped silverware and jewelry.  
I got to choose a verse to put on a vintage spoon.  I love this prize.  It sits on the shelf next to our kitchen sink.  Such a good reminder for me.

Contemporary art print from Michele Maule

I chose this vintage camera picture for two reasons.  Reason 1 - It makes me thing of my grandma.  She loved her Polaroid camera and yes, she is a firm believer in shaking the pictures.  Reason 2 - I love taking pictures.  Did you know that?

Once again, let me know if you purchase anything from these very generous shops!

Want to see my other winnings?


Where's the Love? Wednesday {8.17.2011}

What I'm loving this week...

Our first family golf outing.

Max helping Wes read the greens.


Max working on his Camilo Vellegas form.  {I may not be a golfer, but I know my golfers.}

Being a caddy is hard work.

Kissing the tee marker for good luck.

Max loved chasing the golf balls...

which posed a problem when Wes was trying to concentrate on a putt.

Max's cousins, Kobe and Keeton, coming to visit.

We went to the park.

Kobe and Gramps


running from the water
 The boys with Gma and Gpa after church.  One of these days - maybe - we'll get the boys to look at the camera.



We have enjoyed many parks this summer...especially those with water.  

No matter how many times Max has seen this fountain.  {You know, the one that is going strong one minute and then stops the next.}  

 He always forgets that the fountain of water will return.

I am the same way when it comes to my faith in God.  No matter how many times, I have seen God's faithfulness, I forget and start to think things through on my own.  It never works and just leads to worry-filled thoughts that are only focused on me.


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