Good ol' HC...I mean HU

Huntington's homecoming was this weekend.  Most of the people I got to talk with were people that I can see all of the time.  It was still fun to visit the campus.  It has changed so much since I was student, yet it still feels so familiar.  I love HU.  (I secretly still like to refer to it as HC)

It's been 8 years.  Eight years since I have graduated from college.  

I'm old.  This was solidified when my friend Rachel's cousin, who is a sophomore at HU, asked us, "Where are the other old people?"  OTHER old people - as in we are old.  In honor of how old I felt, here are some black and white pictures I took while there.

My brick I look for every year.
It's always in the same place, yet I can never find it.

Wes with Norm the Forester
Max enjoying the campus tour
Rachel's little girl - Emme


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