Cereal Box update

Meant to get this out before the Thanksgiving Holiday... 

I would love to help you get your cereal boxes to Haiti, so if you live in or around the Fort Wayne area, send the boxes my way!  Seriously.   

If you don't live in my area, go here to find out how to send them.

Happy cereal eating!

Addition to post: If you are wondering what this cereal box thing is about or are confused because of my lack of explanation (I tend to be guilty of this often) click here.


No Love at First Bite

Max has been pretty upset with us lately when he finishes his bottle, so we thought it might be time to start some food.

No love at first bite for Max with the cereal. 

Please excuse our annoying baby talk voices. As much as you say you won't talk like that, it just happens. However, we hope you enjoy Maxwell's signature snorts.
If you have trouble with the video uploading on my blog, just click on the YouTube button below the video.



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Puppies, Blankets, Feet and Sophie

Max loves his new puppy
Yes, we have a thumb sucker.

sweet little fingers - I think he has discovered
his favorite blanket
Max still enjoys spending time with his feet

Max and Sophie the Giraffe

He can't get enough
Apparently the legs are just long
enough to reach Max's gag reflex...
Please don't judge  Max's hair,
it's his mom's fault
Not happy that I took Sophie away

Just Some Ideas

I love adoption.  I have said it a million times - I wish everyone could experience it, but I know that God doesn't call everyone to adopt a child.

We are not exceptional people because we have adopted.  Honestly, we simply wanted children.  For the time being or maybe forever, God has closed the door to us having children naturally and He has opened doors for us to adopt.  So now, we want to do it well and encourage others to have SOMETHING to do with adoption.  Here are some ideas...

Pray for women with un-wanted pregnancies

Pray for children without a family (orphans, foster children, children of parents who are emotionally absent)

Pray that God will open your heart to adoption if that is His will for your family

Sponsor a child through organizations like Compassion or World Vision

Volunteer at organizations that encourage women to chose life for their unborn baby

Go on a short-term missions trip and help at an orphanage or support someone else who is going

Save your cereal boxes...sounds crazy, but read here.   Not sure how the boxes will get to Haiti yet, but I will be more than happy to take care of sending your boxes where they need to go.  Let me know.  All of my teacher friends - this would be a great thing for your class to do!!!!

Donate to organizations that support families financially through adoption such as Show Hope


It's Official

Thursday was the big day.  Many people would say to me, "Aren't you relieved that this day is finally here?"  In the 4 months we have had Max, there has never been a fear of this adoption not working out - mainly because Indiana is an awesome state to adopt in.  They say, "Once the birthmom's pen leaves the paper, it's a done deal".  The waiting period is to make sure that we are doing our job as parents and that it's a good fit.  I guess we passed the test.

Being in the court room was pretty surreal.  As Wes was on the stand (part of me wanted to giggle), I kept thinking, this part of our journey is almost complete. We are no longer going through the "process" for him to become ours.  I made it through the entire hearing without crying...until I hugged my dad.  For those of you who know me well, it would have been strange if I didn't cry.  I didn't want to let anyone down.  

We had a great time in Indy and plan to make it a tradition to go every year to celebrate Max's special day.  We ate some amazing pizza at Bazbeaux's.  Then we took our parents to ASC so they could meet some of the ladies that helped us with Max's adoption.

We celebrated Max's adoption Saturday.  Boy, was there a ton of love in our house.  It was amazing to see so many people from all of our different worlds come together to celebrate the blessing God has given us.

Betsy, Keeton, half of Aunt Patty and
a quarter of Uncle Jeff

small groups peeps

admiring my nephew Kobe

2 very interesting stories - I'm sure

Another story I would love to know about

Kobe enjoying the party

Max is done.
In all of the excitement of the evening, we never got a family picture.  So here's one a day late. 


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