{Practicing} Thankfulness

It's always good to practice a little thankfulness...

Thankful for my Memorial Day tradition of spending the day in Shipshewana with my mom and sister. Nothing says "lovely memories" like flea markets, 95 degree weather and sweat.  I did get a juicer, a tape measurer for Max, a tray, a belt, 2 ferns, popcorn kernels, popcorn salt and sesame sticks.

Another tradition...my sister being pregnant on our Memorial Day trip.  Can't wait to meet my niece or nephew in October!

Thankful for another trip to the zoo with my sweet, little family.


Thankful for warm weather that allows for sleeveless shirts on my favorite almost-two-year-old.

Thankful that I have so many things to be thankful for.

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Picture Post {The Zoo}

We went to the zoo.  Our first, official family outing of the summer.

Doing a little pre-zoo workout.

One of our favorite parts of the zoo...all of the peacocks roaming around...

This one was shaking his tail feathers...

Max was dressed first, so I guess Wes copied...

...but I think it's adorable.

We fed the giraffes.

It's really hard to get a picture with this boy these days.

Might as well zoom in on the animals.

We almost got one...maybe next time.

We cooled off by running through some water.

We were heading to lunch and ran in to some of our favorite people...

So Max decided he wasn't hungry anymore and played with them.

Have a safe and happy weekend!


Just So I Don't Forget...

On Mother's Day, I walked down stairs and you pointed to my dress and said, "Cute."  Best Mother's Day gift ever.

You call pretzels "prackers".

Yesterday, I was looking for my slip {I know...flashback to the 1950's}.  I said to myself, but out loud, "Where's my slip?" and turned around to you handing me my slippers.  Thanks for the effort, buddy.  You are such a good helper and I hope you use your helpfulness to serve others.

If I had a dollar for every time you said, "Papa" I would be a rich woman.

You love carrying bags.

Every time you see a stick, you pick it up and try to break it.  If you can break it, you say "easy".  If you can't break it, you say "hard".  We have lots of sticks.

This is definitely not an "easy" stick.

Any time someone gives you a sticker, it goes right on your face.


You are starting to jump and climb a lot.  We may be in trouble.  Please never learn to crawl out of your crib.

We were at the library and while you were rocking on the snail, you said, "poop".  You are like clockwork with your bathroom cycle, so I was surprised that you needed changed again.  I took you in the bathroom and you didn't go to the bathroom, you just had a watch in your diaper.  Awesome.

When you do push ups like Daddy, you count by whispering, "8....9.....8.....9....".

Max, I can't believe that you will be two next month!  I have loved watching you grow!



For the Love of Books

I read to Max a lot.  I love it.  He loves it.

Here are a few of his current favorites.

Another Monster at the End of This Book is at the top of the list because there is a page where you get to scream like this.

Apparently, Max thought my set up needed a little something extra...

It does add a lovely touch.  Don't you think?

 What books are your kids loving these days?



Where's the Love? Wednesday {5.16.2012}

What I'm loving this week...

This guy...

...saving us over $300 by fixing the front passenger-side seat belt in our car on his own...and I no longer have to be chauffeured around town when we go somewhere together.  That was awkward.

This kid...as always...

...he's growing up so fast.  He already has a mustache.

I was upstairs putting away the laundry {one of my least favorite things to do}...and came downstairs to this.

Sure, Max.  Help yourself to a pear.  What a juicy mess.

Spending the weekend with Wes' parents. 

This shirt.  I got it here.  This adorable shop is one of over 50 businesses that is supporting this awesome organization during the month of May.

Max taking "the kids" for a walk with his new stroller.  Wes isn't thrilled about the color scheme, but when I saw Max pushing it around at a garage sale, I had to buy it.  $2 well spent.

Enjoying a cupcake at our cake shop.

Playing at the park with friends.

I hope you take time today to find the lovely in your life.



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