6 months {plus 1 month and 2 days}

At 6 months {give or take a few days} you...

dance like it's your job moving your head back and forth, let any one hold you, freak out when you see your bottle, sleep like a rock star, have no teeth, laugh at anything Max does,  sit up on your own and smile when Daddy comes home.

We think that you...
will be super social, will make it really hard with your big, sparkly eyes to say no to you, will be a perfect {and dangerous} audience for all of Max's shenanigans.  

We call you....
Little Buddy, Buddy, Baby, Sam, Samuel, and Sammy {I swore I would never call you this, but it just happened}

We hope you...
don't learn to crawl for a long time and continue to bring joy to others with your big smile and bright eyes.



  1. Oh, stink! He's beautiful!! (And look at you, posting two posts pretty much back to back. Love it!)

  2. He is just beautiful! So so sweet.



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