In Other News

One of my favorite games to play with Max these days is "Go-up-to-your-room-and-put-some-clothes-on".  
He would be an underwear-only-all-day-every-day kind of kid if we let him. 
Rain or shine.
Inside or outside.
But we don't.
If he ever gets married, his future wife will thank us.

Back to the game...
You never know what he's going to come downstairs wearing.
This outfit is actually pretty normal...
And weather appropriate.


Usually, he'll come down in something like corduroys and a long sleeve way-to-small-for-him pajama shirt.
And I say, "Buddy, it's 85 degrees outside."
And he says, "It's ok" and runs off to play outside.

Great conversation, little man.

In other news, Max's new nickname should be "Pockets."
I just decided this.
One time, he managed to fit 5 ping pong balls {also known as soft golf balls} in his pockets.
If it's small enough to fit in a pocket, it must go in the pocket.
If his pants or shorts don't have pockets, he's not interested in wearing them.

In more other news, God is using this strong-willed/passionate three year old boy to reveal some pretty yucky pride issues in my heart.  
Maybe I'll fill you in on that one later.
Maybe I won't. 
No pinky-blog promises coming from me.

In even more other news, I'm so, so happy to be his mama.


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  1. well you know i can relate to the underwear only habit



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