10 on 10 {October}

7 o'clock
Bible reading.
I'm loving this study of Matthew.

8 o'clock
Baby holding.
I later found out this wasn't just a "I'm still tired face" but a "I have a fever face".

9 o'clock
Restaurant playing.

10 o'clock
Chore doing.

11 o'clock
Pumpkin buying.

12 o'clock
Lunch eating.
I love days when we get to meet Wes for lunch.  I also love McAlister's tea.

1 o'clock
Book reading.

2 o'clock
Phone call making and family picture deciding.

3 o'clock
Crescent roll making.

 4 o'clock
After nap greeting.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I really love the "Book Reading" one - so whimsical and sweet. And the "after nap greeting", precious! Thanks for sharing.

  2. LOVE these! And what's up with the crescent roll making...don't they come in those handy-dandy cans you whack on the counter to open?! You actually *make* your own? {swoon} Can't wait to see the family pictures! And poor Sammy-Sam. Hope he's on the mend!

  3. I'm a stalker.... what is that chore list?! I want it. I need organization desperately.



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