It's Official

Thursday was the big day.  Many people would say to me, "Aren't you relieved that this day is finally here?"  In the 4 months we have had Max, there has never been a fear of this adoption not working out - mainly because Indiana is an awesome state to adopt in.  They say, "Once the birthmom's pen leaves the paper, it's a done deal".  The waiting period is to make sure that we are doing our job as parents and that it's a good fit.  I guess we passed the test.

Being in the court room was pretty surreal.  As Wes was on the stand (part of me wanted to giggle), I kept thinking, this part of our journey is almost complete. We are no longer going through the "process" for him to become ours.  I made it through the entire hearing without crying...until I hugged my dad.  For those of you who know me well, it would have been strange if I didn't cry.  I didn't want to let anyone down.  

We had a great time in Indy and plan to make it a tradition to go every year to celebrate Max's special day.  We ate some amazing pizza at Bazbeaux's.  Then we took our parents to ASC so they could meet some of the ladies that helped us with Max's adoption.

We celebrated Max's adoption Saturday.  Boy, was there a ton of love in our house.  It was amazing to see so many people from all of our different worlds come together to celebrate the blessing God has given us.

Betsy, Keeton, half of Aunt Patty and
a quarter of Uncle Jeff

small groups peeps

admiring my nephew Kobe

2 very interesting stories - I'm sure

Another story I would love to know about

Kobe enjoying the party

Max is done.
In all of the excitement of the evening, we never got a family picture.  So here's one a day late. 


  1. So excited for you! I'm so glad that God has blessed you in such a special way! Max will grow up surrounded by love not only from his parents but from his aunt/uncle/grandparents!! You've got such a wonderful family!


  2. Congratulations! Your party was great and thanks for inviting us! Congrats to Max getting an awesome mom and dad! I'm glad to hear you cried so you wouldn't let anyone down. You are very thoughtful like that.

  3. I'm so happy for your family. Thanks for sharing the joy with the world wide web!

  4. You are truly blessed!! Congrats to you and Wes. Max is beautiful!



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