Just Some Ideas

I love adoption.  I have said it a million times - I wish everyone could experience it, but I know that God doesn't call everyone to adopt a child.

We are not exceptional people because we have adopted.  Honestly, we simply wanted children.  For the time being or maybe forever, God has closed the door to us having children naturally and He has opened doors for us to adopt.  So now, we want to do it well and encourage others to have SOMETHING to do with adoption.  Here are some ideas...

Pray for women with un-wanted pregnancies

Pray for children without a family (orphans, foster children, children of parents who are emotionally absent)

Pray that God will open your heart to adoption if that is His will for your family

Sponsor a child through organizations like Compassion or World Vision

Volunteer at organizations that encourage women to chose life for their unborn baby

Go on a short-term missions trip and help at an orphanage or support someone else who is going

Save your cereal boxes...sounds crazy, but read here.   Not sure how the boxes will get to Haiti yet, but I will be more than happy to take care of sending your boxes where they need to go.  Let me know.  All of my teacher friends - this would be a great thing for your class to do!!!!

Donate to organizations that support families financially through adoption such as Show Hope


  1. Well, we know you and Wes aren't exceptional...but your son is:)

  2. This is great. Thanks for the ideas.



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