Chuck E. Cheese Overload

We met Max's birth mom at Chuck E. Cheese again last Wednesday.  I invited my parents along for this meeting.  Chuck E. Cheese was not the best option. (I'm not sure that place is ever a good option,  but particularly a poor choice during Christmas break) I was SUPER nervous this time, especially knowing that there was a pretty good chance we would be meeting the birth father.  We didn't really know much about him so I kind of prepared myself for the worst.  Max's birth mom has always said that Max looks just like his birth father.  I had this silly fear that I would have a negative feeling towards him once I met him and that I would see him every time I looked at Max.

Can I call the birth mom L and the birth dad S?


We met L and S out in the parking lot.  L had 2 bags full of clothes for Max and a few presents for him.  Very sweet.  She cried right away and so did I.  I will probably say this every time, but I can't imagine what it must feel like to be in her shoes.

S was friendly and greeted us with a big smile.  I saw the resemblance that L sees.

S stayed for about 30 minutes.  As he was leaving, he thanked us for taking such good care of Max.  Humbling.

L took a billion pictures.  Said Max was "so handsome" a zillion times and I think took another billion pictures.  The poor kid probably saw flashes for a couple of days.

L's mom and son (thus the reason we were meeting at Chuck E. Cheese) came later.

There was a moment when everybody had left the table but L and me.  Amidst all of the chaos - kids screaming, bells, the same song for the 100th time - we were able to have a sweet exchange of words.  Cried again.  She can't believe that we allow her to see Max.  I want Max to know his birth family for as long as they are willing to meet with us.  I don't know how it's going to be in the future, but Wes and I are going to trust God with all of the details to this unique relationship and pursue it as long as we are led.

Max had Chuck E. Cheese overload, so that was our cue to leave.  Cried one more time and told L that we would see her in March.

My answer to my silly fear has been answered.  When I look at Max, I see Max.


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