10-4 Good Buddy {March Questions}

Here's the scoop...

* On the 1st of every month, I will post 10 questions for you to answer.  

* On the 4th of the month {or later}, you will post your ten answers on your blog with a link back to mine. 

* Link up your post at the bottom of my 10-4 post.

Akers of Love

* Take a peek at the other bloggers' posts.

Easy right?  I think it will be fun!  You never know...you may make a new friend!

1. What is your go-to meal to fix?
2. What piece of furniture in your home do you love the most?
3. What is your favorite picture from last month {February}? 
4. What household chore do you dread doing?
5. What was your first car?
6. What is your favorite bible verse or favorite quote?
7. Spring is coming.  What are you looking forward to most?
8. What is the first blog you remember following?
9.  What is your favorite post that you wrote last month?  
10. What's the last book you read?

See you on the fourth!


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