Just so I don't forget...

Your go-to books right now are Put Me in the Zoo and God's Wisdom for Little Boys.
Your job for mealtime is getting out the silverware and "setting the table."

Last week, while eating dinner, you said, "This is really good, Mom.  Thanks."
You sleep with your basketballs.

You love to play hoops up in your room...especially when daddy plays defense.
Your little potty has been retired.
One of your favorite things to do is jump on the bed...and I let you do it.

The other day, Sam was crying and I asked you to tell him something that would make him happy.  You thought for a moment and said, "God loves you, Sammy."  Melt my heart.
You love to climb into Sam's crib and snuggle with him in the morning.
When you don't want to stop doing something you say, "Two more times." or "Two more minutes."

You get "hurt" a lot which means you need a lot of bandaids.
Whenever it is snowing, you want to get your boots on and go outside and play.
You want to put pajama's on for nap time.  Who wants to sleep in jeans anyway?

I love you, buddy.  You're my favorite two year old.


  1. melts my heart. Love that he knows God's love and wants to share it!!

  2. what cuties!!! i love the pic of them in the crib together!!!!


  3. "God loves you, Sammy." <---sweetest thing ever.

  4. What a sweetheart! Bandaids are magical in our house...and more of an accessory than anything else :)



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