Christmas 2012

I loved Christmas this year.
I guess I should say last year...

{Sidenote:  When I was a kindergarten teacher, my students' favorite thing to say to me right before Christmas break was, "See you next year!"  Aren't five year olds hilarious?}

We simplified presents this year which was a huge stress reliever for me.  
Two gifts for Max...plus his stocking.
Shhh...don't tell Sam.  
He didn't get any presents.
He slept through most of the festivities anyway...

We normally eat at the kitchen table, but during December, we began eating in the dining room, lit candles and read some portion of the Christmas story.
It was a sweet time and such a joy hearing Max learn and begin to talk about the birth of Christ.

We spent the weekend before Christmas with my family.
Bingo is always the highlight.
My dad gets amazing prizes like chip clips, calendars, candles, flashlight key chains, gift cards and the grand prize...a twenty dollar bill.
You should be jealous.
Here are Auntie B and Uncle G with their game faces.

The grandkids got Christmas pj's.
This was the best shot I could get...
At least they're cute.

Christmas morning was spent with our little family.
Wes and I cheated and opened our presents after the kids went to bed on Christmas Eve.
I love being an adult.


We had both of our parents over for Christmas dinner.
Wes grilled some amazing fillets...new Christmas tradition.
Wes read the Christmas story around the dinner table and then we all sang all four verses to Joy to the World...another new Christmas tradition.
I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time...another sweet moment.
We finished dinner with singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and eating angel food cake...a Christmas tradition we started last year.

Christmas evening was spent with Wes' parents.
Max enjoyed opening his presents and everyone else's.


We decorated a gingerbread house.
As you can see, Max was a big help.
His job was to try all the candy and make sure it was good enough to put on the house.


Our Christmas was very merry.
I hope your's was too.


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