Max is Three

At 3 you...

would go barefoot always if we let you, love books and Doc McStuffins, say things like "which angle are we turning?" or "let me get situated first.", drink Generade {Gatorade} when you're "working hard", enjoy helping Daddy outside, love gum and anything mint flavored, sing "God is so Good" fifty times a day, are fascinated with the moon, and love chasing the squeeerels in the backyard,

We think that you...

are so much fun these days, have miracle ears {especially when it involves food wrappers}, keep us on our toes with all of your extra energy and may have a future in gymnastics {specifically the rings}.


We call you....

Max, Maxwell, Buddy, Sir and Mister.



We hope you...

learn to use your inside voice in the car soon, continue to be a great big brother, stop running away from us when we ask you to, "come here" and learn to love God with your whole heart.

Happy birthday, Max!

We love you so, so much!


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