Worth Remembering {9 months}

You are a delight, Sammy-boy.

You smile constantly.  
Sometimes, you choose to just smile with your eyes, which is just as dreamy.

You are on the verge of crawling. 
I'm fine with you staying put for a little longer...

You are obsessed with your bottle...
...which means you could care less about drinking out of a cup or a sippy cup.

You have zero teeth.
However, the other day, you ate an entire chicken nugget.

You will go to and snuggle with anyone.  
You say dada a lot...but I'm convinced you have no clue what you are saying.  Sorry, Wes.

You still bob your head back and forth like it's your job.
You love taking baths.

Whenever anyone walks by you, you hold your arms up for them to pick you up.
Anything you can get your hands on, you put in your mouth.

Then, there's you and your big brother...

It's one of the sweetest things, I've ever seen.

I pray that you guys stick together and are there for each other no matter what.

Happy 9 months, sweet baby boy.



  1. They are sooooooo cute!! Make sure they know Aunt Kathie loves them!

  2. Oh, I could eat him for dessert. Precious. And the picture of him with the blade of grass sticking out of his mouth?...divine. :)

  3. he's beyond adorable. The twisted mouth at about the middle of this post melts my heart!



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