Made with Love {Fireplace Mantel}

Two more projects completed and checked off my list.

No tutorials on this blog...but it's not rocket science.  

For the ginormous sign.  My husband assembled it {probably a good two years ago} using leftover wood.  The slats of wood are attached using 2 strips of wood going up and down in the back {This description right here is exactly why tutorials will never happen on my blog.}

I painted it with some leftover paint from our guest bedroom.

I stenciled the letters in a lovely mud brown and there you have it.  Just don't look too close...it's not perfect.

Project number 2.  It's kind of stretch to call it a project...

The frame is from Ikea.  The glass in the frame broke - not cool, so I taped the print to the backing of the frame and it's done!  

The home sweet home print is from the amazing giveaway I won from Scottyboy and Katygirl.  Check out Sparkle Power's shop to see all of the prints available.

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  1. Love them!!! That kind of stuff is so simple but people will be asking 'where did you get that?!'



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