Friday's Few Things

A few things...


I thought about doing a tutorial for some jars I wanted to cover to store some of my grains and rice.

I took these pictures and then I realized...

...that it takes too much effort and time to take pictures during the project.

So all you get is the finished product.

Sidenote: It was difficult to get the pickle smell out of the jar.  I washed it several times and the smell still lingered.  I put some baking soda in the jar {my idea} and a piece of bread {Wes' idea} and closed the lid.  It worked!  I'm sure it was the baking soda...

Here's another project.  I love the colors.


* Five more days to donate to The Adventure Project.  Five of you will win some jewelry.  I know that I totally gave you the ok to pass on donating if you didn't feel led to.

However...if everybody that has read my Cheaper Than Coffee post donated $5, my goal of $500 would be met...just sayin'.

* Wes is working hard training for his mini-marathon for Team World Vision.  Would you like to sponsor a child?  Click the button to find out how.



Max isn't a huge smiler.  He's an observer and a thinker.

We visited my grandparents last night.  Max's first smile came about an hour after we arrived.  My grandma was thrilled.  You would have thought he had said "Gramma" for the first time.  His smiles are treasures.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


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