Apple Carrot Smoothie

I'm always looking for ways to switch up Max's meals a little.  I get in ruts of feeding him the same thing over and over again...mainly for breakfast and lunch.  He eats {sometimes he just looks at it} what we eat for dinner.    

I went to the library yesterday and got a cookbook called Toddler Menus.  I think I'm going to like it.  It  has recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You can mix and match to make sure your child is getting the right amount of veggies and fruits.  I will not be the overachiever that fixes a whole day's meals from this cookbook, but I do love the layout.  The recipes are simple and the entire family can enjoy them.  

I adapted the apple, carrot, orange juice recipe into a smoothie.  It was delicious!  The texture is more gritty than most smoothies, but the flavor was good and it kept me full for the entire morning....and Max loved it.

Apple Carrot Smoothie
serves 2-3
2 apples - peeled (I left some skin on), cored and chopped
5 baby carrots - chopped
splash of orange juice
3 dollops of greek yogurt

Mix in a blender.  You may need to add more orange juice or water to get it to the consistency that you want.

Does anyone else get stuck in a food rut for your kids?  What do you do to get out of it?


  1. I do get stuck in a food rut, I just haven't gotten out of it.... :-)

  2. Abby, I hadn't been on your blog in awhile and I was totally taken back because I was just thinking TODAY that I needed to figure out some new meal ideas for Lily for lunch! Thanks for the inspiration and I will definitely be going to the library!



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