Sorry, Fred

I went grocery shopping today.  I like going to the grocery store and I was especially excited because my dad had offered to watch Max.  I knew I could take my time and I even splurged and got a drink at Starbucks.

I shop at Meijer.  I love Meijer.  I have tried other stores, but it just doesn't feel like home to me.

So, with beverage in hand, I began my glorious adventure through the aisles...and then it happened...

I bumped the table that was holding a framed picture of Fred Meijer {you know - the founder of Meijer who just passed away} along with a book for people to write their condolences.  The frame's glass shattered into a gazillion pieces.

Sorry, Fred.

As a born and raised Michigander, I really do appreciate all you have done.

And because I felt so bad, I spent a-more-than-normal-amount at your store.


Where's the Love? Wednesday will return tomorrow.  Sorry to my mother-in-law for making you check your computer every 5 minutes to see if I had posted anything the last 2 Wednesdays...



  1. Awww... I'm sure Mr. Meijer was laughing from up above. (I have no idea who this gut is as we don't have that store here.)

    Looking forward to tomorrow's post! I'm sorry I haven't done them either, just like those TP pumpkins. ;) Will be making a point to do them in December!



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