Just So I Don't Forget...

Maxwell, you're growing up too fast and my brain already is a little forgetful...

So, I want to remember...

I want to remember that you said your first two word sentence today.

"Read it."

I want to remember that you sound like a teradactyl when you want me to get you up in the morning.  You're slowly learning that in order for me to come get you, the word "Mommy" needs to be said instead of your screeching.

I want to remember this face.  Always.  It's your signature look.  From day one, you've had that furrowed brow.

I want to remember that you love listening to Psalty...especially The Butterfly Song.

I want to remember how you whisper count, "1...., 2....., 5....." all of the time.

I want to remember that when you see someone eating, the way you ask if you can have some is by saying, "more".

I want to remember that you love books, coloring, any kind of ball and playdough.

I want to remember how you call me "Mommies" and that you'll say it in the car just to make sure I remember you're back there. 

I want to remember that even on those days when you test my patience, I still can't believe I have the priviledge to be your mom mommies.

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut


  1. I love this. You have such a precious son

  2. Mommies... that is all sweetness. What a cutie and what a great list of precious moments.

  3. beautifully said. what a dreamy little guy.

  4. Aww!!! I love this whole post. Very smart. They grow up so fast!

  5. Such adorable pictures!! He's precious! I still remember B's first sentence: I Yike Shisshies (I like fishies (gold fish))

    Happy Friday!

  6. So, so adorable. Love all the pics and special things that make him him. :)

  7. so sweet. you are so lovely!! do people tell you that you look like nicole kidman??

  8. Oh my goodness~ I used to do Psalty muscials in church when I was just a kid! I had no idea he was still around! I'll have to look him up. =)
    This is a precious post!

  9. Oh my heaven's that lil one is so adorable. Great post. So very Super cute.



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