Where's the Love? Wednesday {4.25.2012}

What I'm loving this week...

Playing at the park.  We met Max's birth mom {L} and birth father {S} last Thursday and enjoyed spending time with them.  We got to meet S's daughter too.  More on that later...maybe...we'll see.

This mama bird protecting her babies.

Max "cooking" in the kitchen.

Max doing a little research on potty training via Elmo...and I'm also loving his new haircut.

Remember Max "cooking"?  Well, on this day the food got everywhere, so we decided to get the vacuum out.  Max loved vacuuming until he accidentally dropped the wand and it suctioned to his pant leg.  After that, he was not a fan of the vacuum.

Max getting better at playing by himself.

I hope you take some time to find the lovely in your day.

1 comment:

  1. awww! i laughed about the vacuum-on-the-pant leg thing. i can totally see luke doing that and freaking out!



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