Thankful {adoption update}

Today, I am thankful that God has everything...and I mean everything...under control.

Including our second adoption journey.

I promised I would give you an update...

Remember how I asked you to pray for the birth mom and baby that we were matched with?  Well, thanks for praying for her and her baby, but we are no longer matched with her.

I believe with all of my heart that there was a reason God brought her into our life.  If it was simply for us to lift her up in prayer, I hope she felt comforted and at peace.

Like I said before, she is part of the journey to the child God has for us.

While this situation was falling through, we were told of another birthmom {K} who was interested in us.  She had narrowed it down to us and another couple {That we know!  How crazy is that?!?!}  They were blessed with a sweet bundle of joy a little over a month ago, which left us to be her choice.

Now you have a new birthmom and baby that I would love for you to start praying for.

She's due September 16 and she's having a boy.  If this is the child God has for us, we will be super excited to give Max a little brother!

We met K and her mom on May 17.  She was nervous.  We were nervous.

Despite all of the nerves, it went really well.  She's a sweet girl and we're looking forward to getting to know her better over the next couple of months.

I find myself letting my mind wander to worst case scenarios and worry sets in {a sin I struggle with way too often}.  I'm so thankful for Wes and his reminders that if this would fall through, we can trust God and his plan for our family.

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So, today I am thankful for this journey that will lead us to our child and draw me closer to my God.

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  1. Praying for K, and for your family. As an adoptive mom who experienced a failed adoption when the birthmother changed her mind two days after the baby was born, I know how hard it is to keep the faith and not be overcome by all the "what if's". God is the only thing that can get us through it!

  2. So exciting to pray for you and your family & K! This is wonderful new & I know that God has this all under control..so I will also be praying that you don't spend anymore time worrying!

  3. So excited for you!! I look up to you for being so positive with the last birth mom. I will ne praying for you and this new route of your journey.

  4. Eager to see how God shows his glory in this situation ... in K's life, her baby's, yours, and all the professionals who are involved in the story!

  5. What a journey - prayers for all those mamas and babies!

  6. How exciting!!! Just prayed for you and your family!

  7. This isn't an easy road...this following God's leading to build your family...but you certainly have the right perspective! Thanks for encouraging me to continue to give thanks even when things don't go as (I) planned. :)

  8. How exciting! I will be praying! :)



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