Our Fourth

Sam decided he wanted to practice his freedom by learning to crawl on the eve of our country's birth.
So we enjoyed the fourth watching him feebly move around the house and outside.
As much as I have said, "I'm in trouble" about Sammy crawling, it really is so much fun to watch your kids learn new things.
Way to go, Sammy-boy!

We went and saw our friends' new baby girl.  She's adorable...and tiny.

We had a mini photoshoot with the boys wearing matching shirts {That you can barely see}.
It's not easy to get a picture of these two together.


And this here picture just cracks me up.
I don't even care that it's blurry.  
I love it.

Max had his first experience taking a picture with my camera.
Don't let my smile fool you...It's a bit forced.
This was after about 5 minutes of him not getting it and me saying, "Not that button, that button" and "You have to make sure that we are in the camera" and "You have to hold the button down".
I will say that the boy has some perseverance in his blood.

Max and Sam swam in the pool.  
Max calls it a cat pool because I call it a kiddie {kitty} pool.  
Pretty cute and funny if you ask me.

We did a little grilling, walking, feeding the fish at the pond and swinging.

Once we put Sammy to bed, we broke out the sparklers.
The been-in-the-garage-for-a-long-time-and-hard-to-light-sparklers.

And we ended our day with homemade ice cream, brownies and fireworks on TV.  

Boom.  Perfect day.


  1. I love that Sam is crawling!! And that you watched fireworks on tv. Why didn't you admit to watching the ones hosted by Usher?:) sounds like the perfect day:)

  2. Oh my gosh - how to respond? First, the pics of Sammy-boy...adorable and amazing. Second, the selfie with the boys is just precious. Sammy's eyes are fantastic. And, cat pool? That is pretty darn awesome.

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog! New follower! You are so inspiring and I love your blog!
    We are in the process right now of becoming foster parents. We are beyond excited to see what God has in store for us! We start our training August 6th for 5 1/2 weeks and then after that it's only a matter of time (God's perfect timing) that we will get our first child to take in!



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