Our Trip to the Pond

The boys and I spent the beginning of last week with my I-met-her-online-but-she's-not-creepy-friend, Stephanie at her husband's family lake house.
It was perfect timing since Wes was going to be away on a golf trip.
We had such a great time. 
We have the bond of Michigan, adoption, being mothers of little ones and Jesus, so hanging out was easy.
The kids hit it off almost immediately.  
There were about 5-10 minutes of shyness before the playfulness and craziness started.

Here we are all sweaty, but I had to get one picture of us together.

Sam was feeling left out that he didn't get a ring pop, so he settled for some sunscreen...

These two were a hilarious pair.  You definitely wouldn't want to leave them alone together for an extended period of time.  Who knows what would happen...

Max loved the lake. {He referred to it as the pond}
The spiderwebs...not so much.

And go-with-the-flow-Sam had this facial expression the entire time he was in the water.
I feel like he was saying, "Mom, I really know that you want me to do this, so I will just endure it because I love you."
Thanks, buddy.

So thankful for new friendships and sweet, sweet memories.



  1. Ahhh! Laughed my way through your post and the pictures. Ring Pops, The Pond, and Sam's Priceless Expression. Loved our time at the cottage...even if the food was a bit repetitious. (And that picture of us...glad your blog isn't scratch-and-sniff!)

  2. Sam's face was hilarious. So glad you all had such a great time together (offering that in spite of my jealousy!) :)



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