Cheaper than Coffee

I want to preface this post by saying that God has given each of us passions.  Things that tug at our heart.  One of my passions is children - especially children in need.  You may not have the same passions as I do.  So, when I write posts encouraging you to donate, I'm not expecting you all to give.  Whatever your passions are, I want to encourage you to invest your time, talent and money into those areas as God calls you to do.


Children in Africa are dying because they don't have medicine that costs less than a cup of coffee.  They need medicines that we take for granted.

Mothers in Africa are dying in childbirth {170,000 last year}because they don't have the medicine and resources necessary to deliver safely.

I found a way to help.

Please, watch this video and read my letter or donate by clicking here.  

 lives and improved their health. from Living Goods on Vimeo.

If you decide to help with this cause, leave a comment on this post.  Five donors will be randomly chosen to win their choice of necklace, earrings or a bracelet from The Sparrow Fund.  Can you tell that I really want to support The Sparrow Fund?  You have until 11:59pm on Wednesday, September 7 to be entered.

Update: There is no minimum donation - whatever you are led to give is the perfect amount!

Some of my favorites...




One month until we get to See Wes Run for team World Vision.  There is still time to sponsor a child!



  1. Oooh..I just looked up the sparrow fund and I love the jewelry. I bookmarked it for future reference :)

    Is there a minimum donation??

  2. You rock. Love what you are doing to and how you are looking for ways to live out your passion as you do this mom-thing. I posted this link on FB - hope it brings some people by!



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