Spice, Spice Baby

I have one of those stair-step spice things...What are they really called?

It's wonderful in theory, but I still wasn't able to see what all of the spices were because I couldn't see the label.  So I would end up making a mess while looking for the spice I needed.  

I came up with a solution.

Disclaimer:  No scissors, measuring tools or cute scrapbook paper were used in this project.

I ended up writing the name of the spice on the lids and the spices with black lids I tore some tape {I'm sure some of you creative types are cringing right now} and wrote the spice name on that. 

Such an easy solution and I'm quite proud of myself for thinking of it.



  1. That is really similar to what my mom did. She uses a drawer for spices instead of a cupboard so she could only see the lids. She typed out all of the spices and taped their new "labels" to the lid. Easy solution!

  2. Great idea...and I love that this was not at all crafty :)!!!

  3. see you got a little "susie" in you too! Love the idea, I will have to remember this one.



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