Where's the Love? Wednesday {2.1.2012}

It's February!  Can you even believe it?!?!?!

What I'm loving this week...

The spring-like weather that lets us enjoy the porch swing with friends.

This picture right here is exactly the reason why I think it would be really difficult to be a photographer...

Max still isn't very impressed.

So Riley decides to help him smile.

Just give the boys a push and they'll smile nice and big for you.

I love that Quinn has his arm around Max. 

Unfortunately, right after this, Quinn got drilled in the mouth with the swing and the smiles quickly disappeared.  Thankfully, Quinn still has all of his teeth.

Impromptu photo shoots.

Max's love for I Spy.  For the past couple of months that is the only page he will look at in his magazines.  He can find the objects like it's his job.

I'm contemplating sharing a linky party idea with you later this evening.  It has to do with this...

If you don't see anything about it, that means I chickened out. 

Have a lovely Wednesday!



  1. Soooo cute. You are a great photographer, I think. You always catch those amazing shots of Max a professional couldn't.

    Hopefully we will hear about 10-4. :)

  2. Those pics of Max and the chair are super cute. I really like them in a series too. I am thinking you chickened out with the 10-4? you know I would have linked up:)



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