These Days...

Max has been waking up in the middle of the night crying.  It's been happening more often then not.  I get really frustrated.  Not at him, but at me not knowing what the solution is.  Do we let him cry or do we go in and take care of him?  I think it is so much harder to hear a crying 20 month old then it is to hear a crying newborn. {They cry all of the time anyway.}

This is the scenario:  Max cries.  One of us will go in to his room.  As soon as we open the door, Max stops crying.  Max is uncovered and/or has a blanket wrapped pretty snugly around his head.  Without saying anything we simply cover him up, walk out and he's fine.  

The other night I went in there and the blanket was wrapped around his head.  I took it off and whispered, "Max you can't put the blanket around your head...you won't be able to breath."  He then proceeds to take all three of his blankets and pulls them over his head.  If I hadn't been half asleep, I might have laughed.

I'm praying it's a phase and maybe it's preparing us for a new little one in the near future. :)


Max loves to sit at the end of our dining room table with Wes or I at the other end and throw a ping pong ball.  Unfortunately...Max rarely catches it, so most of his time consists of getting off and on the chair to retrieve the ball.   


Max spends much of his time carrying stools around, climbing up on them and enjoying the new and different perspectives.


Max walks around saying Hannah and Riley all day.  I love that he's starting to make friends.


We are working on teaching Max to say, "OK, Mommy" or OK, Daddy" when we ask him to do something.  Right now, this is how it goes...
Me: Max, say "OK, Mommy."
Max: O
Me: K.... {trying to get him to repeat it}
Max:  Mommy.  

Nothing like a little team effort. 

Makes me smile.



  1. Kobe puts his blanket over his head too. It scared me the first time I found him in his bed like that. I love that he takes the stool around, that is so funny to me. Please give Max kisses for me.

  2. The last broken up convo made me laugh out loud. :)

  3. your little guy is adorable! my son has the same pjs ;) hah! love the stool idea... hadn't thought of it for our house... new follower here!



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