Where's the Love? Wednesday {2.29.2012}

...and I'm back.

What I'm loving this week...

I finally have something up on our living room wall.  {Sorry about the glass glare}  
It makes me so happy.
We've lived in this house for almost 4 years.  
I'm still working on the empty frame and the canvas in the top row.  I'll show you the completed project soon.

Max and his mad running skills.

On your mark...
Get set...


His one sock on - one sock off must be Flo Jo inspired.  {Sidenote:  I had a Flo Jo Barbie.  She was my favorite.}

We'll have to work on his form.

Max's kissable cheeks.

Watching my two favorite people in the world spend time together.

I hope you take time to find the lovely in your day today.

I'll post March's 10-4 Good Buddy questions tomorrow.


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