One of our favorite things to do is go to concerts.  Matt and Abby are our concert buddies.  Last weekend, we went to the Ichthus Festival at the Auction park in Auburn.  

1st of 5 spots we tried out.  It felt like a wind tunnel.

Waiting for The Afters to get started

Forgot to have Matt and Abby interpret their hand signs...

Playing Trivial Pursuit with the boys.
They definitely cheated.
We called this seating area, the "Chaperone section".
We felt old.

Getting ready to rock with Family Force Five in the "non-chaperone section" with all of the teenagers.   
 I know, we're hardcore.


  1. And you thought you would have nothing to write about in a blog. Oh, how you were wrong! The video reminded me of why I love WBCL. How did that girl know what to sign?

  2. Oh my! That video makes us look pretty awesome! Even though we all know we aren't...



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