Florida Picture Post

Last Thursday, Mom, Maxwell and I hopped on a plane to visit my Grandparents in Florida.  This is what we did.

* Arrived at G and G's house at 1:15 am.  Should have been 11:00 pm.  Max was a trooper.

waiting to leave...

* Did crossword puzzles

* Snuggled with Grandma and Grandpa


* Had breakfast with Grandma's BFF

* Went shopping at the "pink mall".  It hasn't been pink for a long time, but we still call it that.

* Bought the above sunglasses and enjoyed eating them.

* Went to the pool.  Apparently, 70 degrees is too cold for Floridians.  Not for us Midwesterners.

* Ate the best popcorn in the world...made by Grandpa...lard and all.

 * Went to our favorite place - Anna Maria Island

* Got in an accident - Long story short.  Grandma, Mom, Max and I were on our way to dinner and a man ran a stop sign and hit the side of our car.  He could have T-boned us, but Grandma moved the car just enough that he mainly hit the back tire.  Thankful that God protected us and the man.   

One of the officers gave Max this snoopy after the accident

* Left Florida a half hour after we were supposed to be home...another delay.

* Were greeted by my husband and dad - red roses for mom, pink roses for me.  :)

Loved getting a taste of warm weather.  Loved seeing my grandparents.  Loved beating the snowstorm.  Loved seeing my bed.  Loved seeing my husband.

Love being home.


  1. Couple things I love here...
    1. Max looking at your mom doing the puzzles.
    2. Your grandpa making popcorn with a jacket on.
    3. Max in his sunglasses and swim trunks in the house.
    4. Max's really chubby arms:)

    Also, do you have to get a new carseat after an accident? I've always wondered that.

  2. I don't know if I have to. Now that you mention that, I think I have heard that too. Grandpa wore his jacket the entire time we were there...

  3. Adorable! what a sweet posting, I loved it.



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