Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

I just won my first blog giveaway!  I'm very excited and I won a cd from this site!

This is what one of the authors of We Are Grafted In has to say about Seeds of Worship.

These CDs, which are also available on iTunes, totally rock, and I mean that literally and figuratively. The band takes great Bible verses and sets them to great music. After listening to them, God’s word will be hidden in your child’s heart – and yours. Because get this – are you sitting down – I find myself listening (and jamming and singing very loudly) to Seeds even when my kids are not in the car.

I chose this cd.

Something else amazing about Seeds Family Worship - when you order a cd, they give you 2 so that you can pass one on to someone else.  You can be a part of planting seeds!


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