Valentine's Day

Wes and my first Valentine's day together consisted of a homemade meal, tulips (favorite flower), Skittles (favorite candy), a horse and carriage ride all done by Wes.  I decorated his dorm room with balloons attached with little cards that said what I loved about him.  ( I hadn't said, "I love you" yet, so this is the closest I got.)

These days, we don't do much for Valentine's Day.  (Wes just read this and said it sounds depressing.) However I did do an experimental Valentine's Day treat that I thought Wes might enjoy.

banana spice cupcakes with peanut
butter frosting and a dollop of jelly
And I also did - what I thought was a - genius photo shoot of our favorite valentine...  

After this awesome idea I had, I went to download the pictures onto the computer, leaving Max to play with his toy train.  Heard him cough, went to check on him and found this.

tape doesn't go down as easily as paper...

Not going to win any Mom of the Year awards.  In all of my excitement, I failed to remove my "genius" addition on Max's shirt...

Wes - I love you and I'm so glad you love me.


  1. LOL. Yup, that's a mother-of-the-year moment right there. :)

  2. Nametags are a staple in my children's diets :)

    Sweet idea and photos!



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