Where's the Love? Wednesday {2.23.11}

This is what I"m loving this week.

Max's cheek and thumb get majorly chapped from sucking his thumb A LOT.  Aquaphor works wonders.

Seriously - if Max could have only one toy, it would be these things.  He never gets bored with them. 

Peek-a Who? is Max's favorite book of choice.  He chooses it every time.  I'm not kidding - if I hold up this book and any other book, he always grabs for this one.  If I make an executive decision to read another book, he is always looking around to see where this book is.

I found this easy recipe for hummus.  Perfect snack w/ veggies and crackers.

This is my favorite blog right now.  God has definitely given her a gift of writing.  Check it out and be encouraged.

My good friend, Rachel,  asked me to make a cake for her grandpa's 89th birthday.  Loved making it for my friend and for her sweet grandpa.   

Nothing says Grandpa like plaid, right?

 I heard this in church on Sunday.  "God has always wanted his people to live differently because of their heart for Him." (not to earn His love.  So glad I don't have to earn anything.  I'd be in big trouble.)

My boy is clapping and it makes me smile. 

Where is your love today?  Tell me...and others... what you love right now.  If you have a blog, add a link to your blog post below.  It can be fun, lighthearted, deep and meaningful or a little of both.  It can be one thing or many things  If you don't have a blog, share what you're loving as a comment below.

I'm feeling a little insecure about doing my first link up, but I'll be ok if nobody participates. :)


  1. I have really loved Johnson's Vapor Bath, this last week. I have been tempted to bath in it myself.

  2. Oh, I forgot, I loved the video of Maxwell! He was so proud of himself. What a sweet memory you have!



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