Sam's story {the call}

Hi, friends!  I hope me saying that I can't wait to share with you Sam's story didn't make you think that I was going to get you the story in a timely manner...

Life has been a little crazy this last week.
Blogging has been pushed to the bottom of my to-do list.

So, here is part 1 of an undetermined number of parts.

Saturday morning, September 15, I was all set to can some tomatoes when the phone rang.

I answered and it was one of the adoption coordinators from our agency.
She didn't waste anytime.
She asked how I was and then she said, "I was wondering if you wanted a baby today?"
I, of course, said yes and she began telling me the little information she knew about the birth mom and the baby.

It's a boy.
He's african-american.
He was born at 4:55 that morning.
He was born in the same city as Max...which I absolutely love.
He weighs 6 lbs. 12oz.
The birth mom wanted to meet us a 4:00 that evening before she signed the papers at 5:00.  {That's not nerve-wracking at all...}
She didn't name the baby.

You would think the next step would be for me to yell to Wes and tell him the good news.
However, Wes was on a bike ride...a three hour bike ride.
He still had over an hour before he was supposed to be done.
I called him hoping he would somehow answer.
I might have called more than a couple of times...

I seriously just wandered around the house.
I was in shock and I was shaking.
Poor Max had no clue what was going on.

I hated to tell anyone else before Wes found out, but I needed to tell my mom because we had 3 wedding cakes to deliver that afternoon and I obviously was not going to be able to help.

Wes called at 10:40 thinking that something was wrong.
I might have overdone the phone calls and texts...
I had plans to wait until he got home and get his reaction on camera, but I couldn't wait one minute longer.
I just blurted out, "We have a baby!" and he said, "Are you serious?"
After some rambling between the two of us I said, "Do you even care what it is?"
He said, "No, but what is it?"
It was so fun to tell him that he was going to have another son!

Wes finally got home, we hugged and cried and Max ran around the house in circles, once again, not knowing what in the world was going on...

God had answered my prayer...my very specific prayer...and I'll tell you all about it in part 2 of Sam's story.



  1. ahhhh!!!! real life is so much better than novels or the movies! lol i can't wait to hear the rest! he is beautiful. :)

  2. I am so happy for you and Wes!! Truly a blessing from our Heavenly Father :)

  3. I love this! Can't wait to hear more!

  4. Oh I love this! He is beautiful. I had tears in my eyes reading this story, and of course it brought up all of the emotions/memories/thankfulness of the adoption of our daughter a year ago.

  5. So stinkin' exciting! Love hearing the story!

  6. I have goosebumps! And a few tears too. Sam is beautiful! And I absolutely LOVE how God brought them to you from the same city. Those connections are so precious. It shows so much how God is in in the littlest of details. So super excited for you all!

  7. So excited to hear the rest of the story, but very encouraging to know that God answered your prayer so specifically! He is faithful! :)

  8. So excited for you and Wes, and for Max. He has a brother!!! Praise God for His plan for all of us is the BEST! Anxious to meet your new little guy. Addie

  9. Abby I am in tears! What a sweet, sweet story and an amazing memory! So happy for your family and he is lucky to have the two of you for parents!

  10. Amazing story! Can't wait to hear the rest. I'm so happy for you! Lyn

  11. beautiful and precious story! So happy for you! Stopping by from Kerrie's blog. Blessings to You and your growing family! :)

  12. New follower here and what a fun fist post for me to land on. Now you just know I'm dying to hear the whole thing! Gorgeous boys you have there and gorgeous family to boot! Excited to look around.
    nancy-of the crazy 9

  13. This is by far the best thing I've read today! I have goosebumps. I am sooooooo happy I found you! I have to read part 2 of the story!!!! Congrats! He is beautiful!


  14. Oh my goodness. Loved reading this! I have been anxiously waiting to hear sweet Sam's story & the day you learned of your son. You definitely have me in tears over here. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Amazing. SO totally amazing. Wes is so incredibly beautiful. I am so happy for you Abby and your family is beautiful. Congratulations. Can't wait to read more.

  16. * I meant to say Samuel. Psshh sorry bout that. Although I bet Wes wouldn't mind being called beautiful ;)

  17. I love it, Abby! What an awesome, amazing story. He is precious.

  18. Wow he is soo cute!!!! Just found your blog and love it!



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