10-4 Good Buddy {September Answers}

Alright, lovely ladies...can't wait to read your answers!  If you want to join the party, click here for the details.
1. Do you listen to Pandora?  What is your go-to Pandora station?
We always listen to Pandora at the cake shop.  
Right now, my go-to station is Elevation worship, but I also love the Jack Johnson, Tenth Avenue North and JJ Heller stations.

2. What is your favorite post from August?
Just Like Daddy -it is such a fun memory for me.

3. What non-cartoon TV show reminds you of your childhood?
Full House - My sister and I used to get so mad at my brother because he would always try to predict when the music at the end of each episode would start. {You know...during the very important learning lesson for D.J, Steph or Michelle}

4. What bad habit do you have that even annoys you?
I have a really bad habit of not shutting cabinet doors in the kitchen.

5. What 5 things would you take with you if your house was on fire?  People don't count...hopefully, that's a given.
my bible from high school, my journal, our stand up mirror {It makes you look smaller than you are}, my necklace that Wes had made using my grandma's diamond from her wedding ring, and our wedding album

6. Do you have a cleaning schedule that you use to keep up with your housework?
I use a schedule created by Motivated Moms
I like it because instead of cleaning one entire room from top to bottom, you do random things through out the house.  
It's really good for my cleaning ADD.  
Today I clean out my purse, pay the bills, clean the bathroom mirrors,clean my hairbrushes and dust Max's room and the guest rooms.  
This is in addition to other chores like laundry, dishes and picking up around the house.  
There are days when I don't do anything on the list, but it's great for when I feel overwhelmed and need a place to start.

7. What was your high school mascot?  Please tell me you have the ability to scan a high school picture to post too...
I grew up in a town called Reading and we were the Rangers.

Oh, did I have fun looking through some old pictures.
There were some pictures that I am dying to show you, but I will spare my high school friends the embarrassment.
It's one thing for me to throw myself under the bus...

So, here I am with my sister.
I was a freshman and she was a senior.
There are really no words...except for maybe eyebrows.

Here I am with my parents and my friend and her parents.
It was parent's night.
Both of our parents thought it was during halftime of our game.
It was between games.
Our coach walked us out.
No big deal.

Obviously, being tan in high school was not a priority...
I don't think that's a first place trophy by the looks on some of the girls faces either...

I used to run.
Sometimes I think about doing it again...
I wore my Puma's at every meet of my high school career.
They really smelled.  
I had to keep them in a zipped up bag.

 This was the sign my mom made for Senior Night.
She pretty much rocked it.

Sorry to bore you with my trip down memory lane...

8. What is your favorite picture from August?

 Max wanted to go out in the rain, but had to get his goggles first.  
Man, I love this kid.

9. What do you love most about fall?

boots, fires, new shows on TV...mainly Parenthood and drinks like this one.

10. Tell me your dream cupcake.
We haven't attempted a salted caramel buttercream at our shop.  
I think that would be delicious on a chocolate cupcake.  
Anything that is sweet and salty has my vote.  
Mainly, I asked this question to get some ideas from all of you.

You have until the 11th to get your questions answered!
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  1. Yeah, so my high school-school memories are lame compared to yours.=) And I would grab my Bible and wedding pics too. And the dress that makes me look smaller.=)

  2. LOVING the highschool pictures. what fun! I liked the trip down memory lane :) Thank you for recommending that cleaning list. I LOVE it! Random is right up my alley! So glad to find one too with Bible reading too.

    Here's a joke for you-

    I'm not OCD. I'm CDO. It's like OCD- in alphabetical order :)

    Some days I am SOo OCD about the cleaning. I didn't used to be organized but now I am. It's always a struggle to remember that cleaning shouldn't take priority over the people in my life! Good lesson for me though.

  3. Maybe I have cleaning ADD, too. Your chore chart sounds like just what I need!

  4. Ha those High School pics are so great. I love the Full House episodes with the lesson at the end. Reminds me of my generations Family Ties. Loved Mike J Fox in that. My younger sister who I'm guessing is your age LOVED Full House. Thanks again for all the great questions and for hosting the link up.

  5. Love your high school pictures. You truly haven't aged a bit. :)

    Sorry I haven't been linking up. Next month for sure!!

    Also, cupcakes are my favorite. I Woah you guys shipped! Your monthly selection always looks so good!!

  6. My first time joining in!!! :) Great high school photos - I don't have any where I am - they are all at my parent's house. (I think!)
    Happy 10-4! ;)

  7. I love this idea for a linky! I stumbled across this and I will be linking up soon!

    By the way, I totally have cleaning ADD! And that cupcake looks delicious!!



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