Thankful {BSF}

When we got home from Bible Study Fellowship yesterday, I asked Max what he learned.
He held out his hands like a book and said this...

Max reading the creation story.

I almost cried.
It's such a blessing to hear truth about God and His Word come out of my 2 year old's mouth.

Today, when I asked him what he learned at BSF he said, "The Word of God is God!"  Still true, but I think he's getting a little confused...

I'm so thankful for BSF and all of the servant work that goes into making it an effective and meaningful bible study.
I'm thankful that Wes is able to go to the men's class, so that our family can study Genesis together.
And I'm thankful for grace and patience from God when I choose other things {mainly sleep} instead of getting into His Word.

I'm excited to see how God continues to transform our hearts this year!

Linking up with my friend, Carina.

Oh!!! One more thing!
 I am so thankful for all of you lovely people who have encouraged us with encouraging words and truth about who God is as we continue on our adoption journey.
Your words have been such a blessing to me.



  1. I have gone to BSF for 17 years. 2 of my kids go with me, and 1 goes with my sil. My husband is sitting it out this year. I love BSF. It has helped my walk tremendously. And Genesis is one of my favorite studies. I've already been enjoying the questions on this week's lesson.

    1. This is only my fourth year, but I love it so much. I was a leader the last two years for the evening class, but it worked out best for our family for me to switch to the day class. I've heard from so many that Genesis is their favorite...I'm so excited!

  2. Oh so precious. Warms my heart to hear this!



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