Sam's Story {his name}

After we got the call and Wes got home, we began talking about what we were going to name this little baby boy.

We've had a name picked out for a long time.
Even though we loved the name, something always felt a little off to me.

Then, I thought of the name Samuel...and this is why...

I've always struggled with praying.
I hate saying that, but it's true.
I have no problem talking to God throughout the day, asking Him for wisdom or thanking Him for something he's blessed me with.
It's the day after day, faithful praying for specific people and situations that I struggle with.
I get so overwhelmed thinking about all of the needs {including mine} that sometimes I just don't pray at all...

While we were in the midst of our last adoption match falling through, God repeatedly was speaking truth to me about prayer through sermons I was listening to, my scripture calendar by my kitchen sink, books and people.

John 14:14 kept coming into my mind...

"You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it."

So, I did.  
I asked Him that we would get a baby before October.
I asked Him everyday.

But something was so different about this prayer.  
I wasn't asking out of fear of an unknown future. 
I wasn't asking out of what I wanted. {Even though I really, really wanted a baby soon.}

I was asking Him out of trust.
Trusting Him that His will was best.

Only a few people knew about my prayer and I remember telling them that I had complete peace about the outcome whether my prayer was answered or not.

Here's where I get to give God all of the glory.

He answered my prayer.  
He may have given us our sweet, precious Sam without my prayers, but it made it that much sweeter...

I was able to share this story with Sam's birth mom and I can't wait to share it with Sam someday.

"She named him Samuel, saying, 
"Because I asked the Lord for Him. "
1 Samuel 1:20b

Stay tuned for part 3...meeting Sam's birth mom.



  1. this is such a great post. My eyes teared up hearing your story and I'm so thankful for you sharing your struggles in praying long-term prayers. It meant a lot to me to hear. Hopefully one day soon I can share the answered prayer in my life. Samuel is precious by the way!

  2. Greatest Name story of all time!!!!

  3. Bawling.. So beautiful. God is SO good!

  4. Oh Abbey. Congratulations on your little baby boy! I agree, this is the best name story I've ever heard.

  5. Great post Abby! Inspiring me to be more specific in my own adoption prayers and have the faith that God can answer them! I love your peace with whatever the outcome though! God has blessed you in amazing ways.

  6. Beautiful post, beautiful baby, beautiful promise God heard and answered!

  7. What a beautiful story, legacy, really! SO so happy for you all!

  8. Precious. And such a sweet story.

  9. BEAUTIFUL! Welcome to your forever family, Sam! I have loved following along, though I just discovered your blog the day you got Sam. What a great time to find you!

    It's hard because I know many a woman who has asked for things in God's name and he has decided to answer "no", so I want to be cautious in sharing your story because this time God answered YES and we praise God for it, but that's no guarantee, you know?

    1. I absolutely know what you mean! I had decided ahead of time that I would share about my prayer regardless of the outcome. I know that God is good and God is faithful even when he doesn't answer our prayers. Maybe I should have explained that better, but I just wanted to document for our family and rejoice in God's graciousness in answering my prayer. Thanks for stopping by! I'm heading over to your blog now :) ...

  10. I've got goosebumps! Abby, this is such a beautiful God story. Thank you for sharing your struggles (and joys) in such a vulnerable way!

  11. Abby, what an incredible story to tell your Samuel of how you were given his name and how you were given him. I'm so happy to be sharing in this exciting time in your life and I pray that you would just continue to be blessed beyond measure with all of God's best for you and your beautiful family right now.

  12. SO sweet and beautiful!!!!! Congratulations on your sweet boy and thank you for sharing this story of God's faithfulness!!!

  13. first, darling photo. so cute!

    thank you fro sharing your story. i love when God answers my specific prayers. I'm learning though that it is him that placed those specific prayers on my heart to pray, so that he could show himself so wonderfully, and be glorified!

    he is being glorified in your story!



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