Just so I don't forget...

You call crackers, "crackersnacks".  It makes sense.  "Max, do you want crackers for a snack?"

You want to say the prayer before every meal.  Jesus, God, thank you God for food.  Amen."


You are crazy protective of your little brother.  You pull down the car seat shade when any body comes to look at him.

You have a strange liking to three out of the four corners of your blanket.  You immediately gather them up into your hand when going to bed.

Speaking of going to bed...you are getting out of bed again before falling asleep.  We don't like this. Sometimes, it's really hard not to laugh when you come downstairs with just your socks and a t-shirt on backwards.     

You pull out my chair for me when we eat breakfast and lunch and hand me my silverware.  It gets me every time.

You refer to farting as "smarting".  We probably will never correct you on this one...

You have discovered that your name is John Maxwell and that your daddy's name is John Wesley.  You tell me often.

You kiss your brother all. of. the. time.  While you were sick this weekend, it was impossible to keep you away from him, so he got a lot of top-of-the-head kisses.

You still sing "Happy Birthday" many times throughout the day.  Your cousin, Kobe, should be about 952 years old by now.

You refer to these precious girls as HannahandOlivia.  They are one person to you.

You are becoming one independent little man...wanting to get dressed and undressed by yourself, getting in the car seat by yourself and then wanting to do a bunch of other things that your little 2 year old self isn't quite ready for or capable of doing yet.  I hear lots of, "No help me, Mom."

I love you like crazy, Max.  You make me smile every day.


  1. So precious! I love the "smarting" hahaha. Might have to teach that one to my little. It sounds so much nicer. :)

  2. So sweet! He is an adorable little boy, love his quirks especially the 3 of 4 corners of his blanket :)

  3. You have such a beautiful family:) I'm your newest follower!

  4. love that you are documenting the little things so that you never forget. i am your newest follower.




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