Sam {1 month}

We've gotten to love on you for one month...
You eat like a champ, you've given us a few sleepy smiles, you are kissed a million times a day by your family...with your big bro leading the pack,  your skin is so chocolate-y delicious, you become a sweaty mess when we let you cry, you squeak and grunt like a little piglet, you sleep a lot and you sleep through anything.

What a joy it's been to get to know you, little man.



  1. OH my goodness! Auntie B has been staring at these pictures for quite a while now. I just adore them. I am going to have to catch up on the kisses when I get to meet him!

  2. Aren't chocolatey babies just the best thing ever? I am a little biased though:) I love your blog so much, you are such beautiful people!

  3. Sam is just gorgeous! I have just discovered your blog and have been really enjoying reading about Max & Sam's stories. What a blessing!



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