We went to the "pumpkin patch"

I had wonderful plans to take Max to the pumpkin patch this year.
It never happened.
The one weekend we had time to go, Max got a nasty cold.  

Here is the beauty of having a two year old... 
Near our house, there is a little tent set up in the parking lot of a closed gas station.
They sell fresh produce during the summer and right now they're selling pumpkins!
Every time we drove by, Max would say "Pumpkin patch!"
So, it only made sense to take him to the "pumpkin patch" the other day.  

Here are the pumpkins we Wes carved.
It was unseasonably warm...shorts weather even.
A perfect night for making memories...



  1. Oh, my goodness! I LOVE these pictures! {heart melting}

  2. So glad that you are blogging again! Miss catching up with you at BSF! :)



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