Hang Tight

I am alive.  
I promise...just a little sleep deprived. 
My life these days consists of trying to figure out how to be a mama to the two blessings God has given us.  
And our house has exploded with baby stuff.
Organized has never been a quality you would use to describe me...
So, I'm trying to figure that out too.

This little space of mine has been put on the back burner for a bit. but I promise to return soon.  
I miss it.
I miss writing down memories that we are making as a family.
And let me tell you, my little Max-man is providing me with some good writing material these days...

So, until I return, hang tight and if you think of me, send up a little prayer on my behalf for patience, grace and sleep. :)

Happy weekend!


  1. Beautiful picture! Praying divine rest for you!
    Brandy Jane Mabel

  2. Awww!!! Love that picture! Going from one to two is really tough. I will pray. Patience is always needed in my head.

  3. Beautiful photo, what an exciting time for you!

  4. LOVE the picture. Love it.
    Praying for you as you all settle in. It will come...even the sleep...eventually.

  5. Not to worry...we'll be here when you return. :) Praying for strength..my house is a wreck right now, too!

  6. abby what a sweet picture!! blessings your way my friend. xo.



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