Picture Post - Hair

Max and Emme - Don't their names sound so cute together?
Emme:  I love your hair!  Where did you get it?  I wish I had hair like that...

Max: I've always had this hair.  It's o.k. though,
I like you just the way your are...

Emme:  Is this how you play with the train?

Max: Um...I guess that will work...
Rach and Randy, thanks for letting us watch your sweet girl.  We loved having her over.  Glad you were able to have a date night!

Max's signature hair style...and a signature facial expression

Loving Maxwell's new side curls.

Hope your week is filled with good hair days.


  1. Umm, excuse me miss Emme, but Max is taken and Olivia is a brute.
    Also, I think there is a restaurant named Max and Erma? Is that why their names sound cute?

  2. @Matt and Abby

    There is a Max and Erma's! I guess Liv and Emme will have to fight over Max! They have a couple of years to work on their gameplan.



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