Where's the Love? Wednesday {3.2.11}

What I'm loving...

Max's raspy voice...even though I'm not loving the cold that's causing it.

Can't close his mouth if he wants to breath

Trying to act happy

Max's new favorite activities - clapping, waving and standing...kind of.

Max's new sounds...even if they do sound a little like dada.

This blog about food and this blog about counting your blessings - even in a storm

A book about the Holy Spirit

and a book about thanking God in everything

Thoughts of spring and going on walks with my husband and a stroller...and our growing-too-quickly baby in the stroller.

My sister not leaving me hanging and adding a link to my last Where's the Love? post.  Love you, Betsy!

Where is your love today?  Tell me...and others... what you love right now.  If you have a blog, add a link to your blog post below.  It can be fun, lighthearted, deep and meaningful or a little of both.  It can be one thing or many things  If you don't have a blog, share what you're loving as a comment below.


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