Sunday Snapshot {feet}...a day early.

When I met my friend Abbie, not this Abby, she told me that I spelled my name wrong.  So for the past 12 years, she has called me "y" and I call her "ie".  Aren't we just so clever?  

Not long after we brought Max home, I was looking at his sweet little feet.  I was noticing all of his wrinkles and marveling at how awesome God is for creating such a miracle.  Then I noticed this.

Do you see it?  

Not really?  

Let me show you.  

Those are "y's" and I love them.  

Max won't have my hair, or my eyes or any other part of my DNA (I'm not trying to make this a sob story), but he has my nickname stamped on the bottom of his feet.  I see those "y's" as a gift from God reminding me that Max was ours before he was created. 

Ni Hao Yall


  1. What sweet little feet, complete with your "Y"!

  2. Absolutely true!! What a little luv bug!

  3. stopping over from Ni Hao Y'all... those are so SWEET feet! Love.

  4. Feet freak me out...but these baby feet : ) are all sorts of adorable! And how cute is that little y. Such a very sweet picture. Love them!

  5. Ha! So sweet! And you spell your name right. Good job.

  6. Love the "Y"!! :)

    I have two adopted daughters, not biologically related in any way...and yet they have the same birthmark on their leg. God makes families in all sorts of ways, and lets us know He is perfectly in control. I think it's where He kisses them before He sends them to us.



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